How to Make an Epic Cacao Elixir

The Elixir Kit is a DIY for boosting your favorite alcohol with a rich taste of Dark Chocolate!  Simply fill with a 750ml bottle of alcohol of choice (we recommend Whisky, Bourbon or Rum). Keep out of sunlight and age for 2-3 weeks. During this time the cocoa beans (Cacao) will infuse into the sprint and give a wonderful aroma and taste to the beverage.  Once aged you can pour over a glass of ice or use to mix in your favorite cocktail. We post a Martini Recipe on our tags, but possibilities are endless.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. “Does it need to be refrigerated?”

A.  Nope, not needed and should last about 12 months


Q. “What’s is that long stick in my bottle”

A. That is a premium Vanilla Bean to add some extra flavor.


Q. “Can I use Vodka?”

A.  Yes, however something to consider- Vodka can be dry in taste and with the cocoa beans infused it makes for a dryer, somewhat bitter taste.  If you choose to infuse Vodka consider using to blend with something else with sweetness.  For example: 50-50 mix of infused vodka and peppermint liquor.


Q. “Do I need to strain it”

A. You can strain out after the 2-3 weeks but we have found in most cases, it’s not necessary.  The cocoa beans (called Nibs) are heavy and have a strong tendency to sink to the bottom and collect.  If you want you can strain with a drip coffee filter, but not necessary.


Q. “Can I use it more than once”

A. Yes you can!  The second time you use it, the flavor will be a little less than the first time, but will certainly pick up more flavor. We do not recommend any more than 2 uses.


Q. “Can I make again with just buying more Nibs”

A. Yes and we hope you do.  One thing to consider is that there are very different qualities and flavor profiles.  The color of the nibs should be aromatic and vibrant colors of black and dark orange-like.  Avoid nibs with a grayish tint to them and they are older and not as fresh.  If you’re looking for maximum flavor, look for a local chocolate maker who sells them.  We sell 6 oz bags of Nibs - that would make you 2 full bottles.


Q. “What do I do with the used Nibs when the bottle is empty?”

A. One of the things we tell people is to take the boozy nib and use as an ice cream topping. Our favorite is with Butter Pecan Ice Cream, yummy!  The bottle makes a great flower vase too!