Laurel Hill Jams & Jellies and Loon Chocolate: A Sweet Pairing

Unique flavors and high-quality ingredients are what make great foods stand out from the crowd. Laurel Hill Jams & Jellies, known for their delicious artisanal spreads, and Loon Chocolate, a celebrated bean-to-bar chocolate producer based in Manchester NH, have now joined together under one company. The result is a sweet collaboration that is sure to delight taste buds everywhere.

  1. A Perfect Beginning: Laurel Hill Jams & Jellies has been captivating food enthusiasts for years with their exquisite range of handcrafted small-batch jams and jellies. For over 15 years, they have built a strong reputation for their commitment to using only the finest ingredients, sourcing fruits from local farms and incorporating unique flavor combinations. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and small-batch production, Laurel Hill Jams & Jellies has garnered a loyal following in New Hampshire and across the US.
  2. A Sweet Union: The combining of Loon Chocolate and Laurel Hill Jams & Jellies marks an exciting chapter for both companies. While seemingly different in their offerings, the two brands share a common commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and flavor innovation. By joining together, Laurel Hill Jams & Jellies and Loon Chocolate can share their strengths and create new, exciting products that will delight their customers.
  3. Expanding Horizons: With this union, Laurel Hill Jams & Jellies gains access to Loon Chocolate's expertise in working with cacao and creating exquisite chocolates. This opens up a world of possibilities for flavor combinations, as the two companies can now experiment with incorporating chocolate into their existing line of jams and jellies. Imagine the decadence of a dark chocolate strawberry jam or the indulgence of a chocolate-infused raspberry-lavender tea jam.
  4. The Power of Local Sourcing and Sustainability: Both Laurel Hill Jams & Jellies and Loon Chocolate share a strong commitment to supporting local farmers and using sustainably sourced ingredients. This shared ethos ensures that the partnership is not only a business move but also an opportunity to champion ethical and responsible practices.

The combination of Loon Chocolate and Laurel Hill Jams & Jellies is a great milestone that promises a future filled with delicious and innovative products all continuing to be 100% produced in New Hampshire. As the companies blend their expertise, customers can look forward to a wide array of delectable offerings that combine the best of both worlds. Stay tuned for more information about products that tantalize taste buds and showcase the artistry behind fine foods.